Meeting Minutes – March 2023

Sun Lakes Republican Club Minutes
When: Wednesday March 8, 2023 6:30-8:30 PM
Where: Sun Lakes Country Club Phase 1 Navajo Room
Who: approx. 100 people


  1. Chairman Michael Tennant opened the meeting with the Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Veterans were recognized and applauded.
  3. An announcement was made that there will be a large trailer type vehicle at SLCC#1 on March 19th from 9a-1p. It is a mobile education exhibit recognizing the service and sacrifice of war veterans. It is called “Wreaths Across America” and it is free. Find out more at
  4. Our first speaker was Mark Stewart, Chandler City Councilman. He gave us an update on the accomplishments of the Council.
    • Crime is at the same level as 40 years ago in spite of the fact that the population has grown by 100K. -They have added a new fire station.
    • They have put more social workers (called navigators) out on the streets to assist homeless people and mental health issues. Chandler has not had a significant issue with homelessness/camps unlike other cities, like Phoenix . If you see a situation where a navigator is needed call the police non-emergency line and request one.
    • SRP has agreed to sink the high wire lines below ground. This construction may continue into next year.
    • The large low income housing complex has been “tabled” (ended) thanks to the help of 4K residents/citizens who attended meetings, sent email and called to submit objections. Complexes like this are tempting to construction companies because they receive federal subsidies. The opposition was initially organized by the Free Enterprise Club.
  1. The next speaker was State Representative Liz Harris.
    • She explained that she did not vote yes on the budget because AZGDP was up 27% but the spending in the budget was overinflated.
    • She said her #1 main focus/issue is still going to be “election reform”. Because of information in an 80 page document shared by a guest speaker at the Feb. 23 legislative special assembly, she has been targeted and people are trying to destroy her. The main shocking information was a list of politicians (both republican and democrat, along with police and other government entities) who were accused of being involved in money laundering connected with the Mexican cartels. The claim was that this was why nothing was being done to close our borders. She says she did not know the guest was going to give this type of information out to the assembly and she did not say whether the information was correct or incorrect. She said she doesn’t know at this time. She says she will not give up on trying to “fix” the election problems/fraud that took place in 2020 and 2022. She has had several law suits leveled against her. She says the best thing anyone can do at the point is to ask our legislative representatives for an investigation into the matter.
  1. The next speaker was George Khalaf from Data Orbital. He listed many reasons why the last election was lost . Here are some reasons:
    • Conservative republicans will vote for moderate republicans but moderate republicans all not vote for conservative republicans. In contrast democrats vote democrat regardless.
    • Mohave, Pinal, and Yavapai counties had 6% fewer republicans turning out to vote than in previous years.
    • If republicans do not vote we cannot win elections.
    • Money that was raised for the candidates was not distributed and spent by those candidates that had the most challenging races. 2 million dollars was raised. Only 40% of the funds that were raised were ever spent.
    • Independents are not voting for republicans.
    • Machines were not working in 70 polling places (in republican precincts) and so some people with time constraints gave up trying to vote on election day.
    • None of the losing candidates in the primary endorsed the candidates who beat them. (He indicated that Lamon might have been th one exception.)
    • The democrats raised and spent more money than republicans, likely due to out of state donations (like Soros).

He ended his informational talk with Q&A and his last advice was to:

  • Stay positive in public even if you don’t feel that way.
  • Learn to speak the “language “ of independents. He suggested that republicans tend to think and speak with their “heads” whereas democrats and independents think and speak with their “hearts”. If we cannot learn to communicate with them and sell our platform to them on their level, they will continue to vote democrat. He suggested using personal stories to explain republican stances on issues and saying things in such a way to touch their hearts and emotions rather than trying to change their minds.
  • Vote in person: What he meant was that instead of using your “vote from home ballot”, go to an election polling place and sign in. You need to show your drivers license and voter card. Then they give you a ballot. Then you vote on that ballot and after you vote, you go to the machine there and they put your ballot into the machine. It will be tabulated on the spot. More importantly your vote will be added immediately to the total. When a person brings their vote from home ballot and just drops it off at the polling place, it takes several days to inspect and confirm all the signatures on the outside envelopes. This drags out the process and some ballots get rejected if they don’t match the signature on record. Basically he’s saying go back to the way we used to do things before the PVEL was invented (PEVL=Permanent Early Voting List).

Questions? Contact :
phone: 602-402-1238

  1. The 50/50 raffle was for $75.
  2. The next meeting will be April 12th—speakers TBA.

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