Meeting Minutes – September 2021

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When: Tuesday, September 14, 2021 6:30PM-8:30PM
Where: Main Sanctuary of the TriCity Baptist Church, Chandler, AZ
Who: approximately 200 people


  1. Chairman Michael Tennant welcomed the guests.
  2. Kurt Rohrs informed the guests that he is running for the Chandler School Board and circulated a petition.
  3. Michael Tennant informed the guests about the change in meeting days from every second Tuesday to every second Wednesday starting in October. Also SLRC will be back in the Sun Lakes Country Club in October. The meeting was moved to the Navajo room since the AZ room is not available for large crowds anymore. Also we were informed that SLRC will not be allowed to offer free cookies and water as in the past due to new HOA regulations. So you can bring your own water bottles or there is a water fountain in the hallway. No outside food is allowed anymore.
  4. Our first speaker was AZ Senator JD Mesnard.
    • He informed us that due to the policies achieved by the legislature and Gov. Ducey there was a $3B surplus most of which will be given back to citizens in the form of tax cuts.
    • Prop 208 is in the courts now and will probably be ruled unconstitutional. When this happens there will be more money returned to the treasury which will add to the surplus.
    • JD informed us about a ballot intuitive to get “Voter ID verification” onto the ballot. If you are asked to sign a petition to make this happen, please sign it! We need to get “Photo ID required “ on the ballot!
    • Regarding the Audit, he said that 80% of the voting is being done by mail in ballot. The main stream media is NOT giving the facts/truth to the public. Don’t count on them for correct and honest reporting. The report of the findings of the audit will go to the AZ Senate, and be referred to the judiciary committee which will study the results.This committee will report back to the AZ Senate as to their findings and advise the Senate on what to do next. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is still “stonewalling” the audit committee. Recently they voted to continue using the Dominion voting machines, in spite of the fact that a lot of the recent election controversy concerned these same machines. They still have not turned over the
      routers and passwords connected to the voting machines. The missing items will not be part of the latest report. If they do not turn over these things by Sept. 27, the State will withhold around $700 million in funding from tax revenues. The BOS have called a meeting to discuss this since Attorney General Brnovich says they are in the wrong.
    • He had a Q&A time after his talk. One of the questions had to do with the redistricting that takes place this year. His advise was that this process is just starting and to show up at meetings when they are in your area. For more info try this link.
    • JD informed us that Jeff Weninger has “termed out” in his seat in the AZ House. He is running for Arizona State Treasurer in 2022.
  5. The next speaker was Cindy Biggs. She is part of a school project called Constitution 101. She came in a costume from the time of the Revolution and forming of the Constitution. Some of the facts we learned were : The Constitution is “The Supreme Law of the Land”, was signed in 1787, was formed to restrict government over-reach and control and was to secure our rights to Life, Liberty and Property. It was to prevent tyranny and to insure a republican form of government (not a democracy). It was meant to be used as a “rule book” for how the country should be run. There are 7 Articles . Articles 1, 2, and 3 refer to the 3 branches of government. Article 4 has to do with the rights of the States. Article 5 is the “Amendment clause”. Article 6 is the “Supremacy Clause”. Article 7 is the Ratification Clause. The Supreme Court members are not supposed to “serve for life”. The Supreme Court’s job is not to make law, it is to apply the constitution to the laws made by the Congress. It was not surprising that we sold to of our pocket Constitutions! We will have more available at the October meeting!
  6. The keynote speaker was Congressman Andy Biggs. If you want regular updates from Andy, here is the link to sign up: He spoke briefly on several subjects.
    • Afghanistan Crisis: He said that there are no firm numbers for the evacuation because it was done is such an unorganized confusing manner. Most reports say 130,000 Afghanis were evacuated and less than 6,000 Americans. Many more, possibly thousands, of Americans and US sympathizers were abandoned when Biden took the troops out before evacuating them. There is no way to vet all of the ones that were evacuated because there is no existing data base for
      comparison. 95,000 of these are to be sent to the US and the rest to other allied nations. There have been outbreaks of measles and covid in places where they have been taken. There are men arriving who are “married” to underaged females (according to our standards). These are all issues looming on our horizon.
    • Covid Crisis: Biden issued mandates for vaccinating the public and for requiring booster shots after the first 2 initial shots have been taken. Our AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich is suing the President and believes the mandate to be unconstitutional. AZ is the first state to sue but many others are expected to do so. Government employees and illegals are NOT required to be vaccinated under Biden’s mandate, while the rest of the citizens.
    • Border Crisis: The illegal entry numbers are setting new records every month that the border continues to be unsealed. It is predicted that the run on the order will cause the government to seek amnesty for 6 million illegals.
    • Energy Crisis: Before Biden took office the US was energy independent. Since his administration reversed all the things that President Trump had done to make that happen, the US is now dependent on the middle east and Russia (OPEC) to increase their output of gasoline.
    • Economy Crisis: Inflation is hitting everyone in the pocketbook. All costs are going up including housing, food, gasoline, and it is hitting the middle and lower classes the hardest. The GDP has dropped from 6.2 when Turn was in office to 3.3 since Biden took over. Unemployment has increased due to the fact that many of the policies of the Biden administration encouraged people to NOT work, by continuing to send $300 checks monthly for each child in the household and increased unemployment checks for those unemployed. For many, it was more advantageous for people to stay home than to go back to work or seek work. Businesses are getting crushed by over regulation.
    • Infrastructure Crisis: The Biden administration is trying to pass a 3 TRILLION “infrastructure” spending bill that spends only 1 BILLION of actual “infrastructure” (like roads, bridges, etc). Most if it goes to Green New Deal projects. All the spending will lead to taxes going up on the middle class and lower class.
    • Jan 6 Crisis: The “congressional commission on Jan 6” is demanding the personal telecom records of those in congress. This is unconstitutional. Telecom companies need to be “reined in”. He went on the commute briefly on particular “personalities”.
    • General Milley has been accused of breaking the law by contacting his “counter part “ in China and promising that he would “warn them before the US attacked them “ and for secret meetings with the Pentagon to undermine the then President Trump. These things were revealed in a Bob Woodward / Robert Costa book, “Peril”, that recently came out. He needs to be investigated and if the Afghanistan accusations in the book are true, he needs to resign.
    • Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State: The FBI needs to investigate charges that have been made against him having to do with lying about Afghanistan. He needs to be impeached.
    • Alejandro Mayorkas, head of Homeland Security : He is lying to the country claiming the border is “closed”. 6,400 per day are actually caught trying to get over the border illegally. While an estimated 3,600 get away . That is a total of 10,000 crossers each day.
    • He also mentioned: Biden again, Yellen, from the Federal Reserve, AOC, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris, the list was long! He described them as being a “murderous, anti-American administration” which cannot be trusted. It seemed to him that we have moved from an
      “America First” doctrine under Trump to an “America LAST” doctrine under the Biden regime.
      So in closing he gave some pointers as to what we can do:
      • We MUST litigate these policies.
      • We MUST raise the consciousness of people about impeachment.
      • We MUST demand investigations into these things mentioned here and many others unmentioned.
      • States MUST demand “State’s Rights”.
      • Redistricting is essential.
      • Pray.
  7. The winner of the 50/50 Raffle received $85.
  8. Membership dues were collected this evening and many guests signed up for SLRC emails. Seats were sold for the SLRC “A Cowboy Christmas” Dinner Dance in December. SLRC Club badges were sold as were US Flag pins and pocket Constitutions.
  9. Our next meeting will be held WEDNESDAY, October 13, in the Navajo Room at the Sun Lakes Country Club Phase #1.

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