Meeting Minutes – September 2022

Where: Sun Lakes Country Club Phase One in the Navajo Room
Who: approximately 180 people

  1. Chairman Michael Tennant greeted the guests and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance
  2. The first guest was a representative from the Kari Lake headquarters. There were questions and answers after her short talk. If you want more info on the Kari Lake for Governor Campaign here is the link to her website:
  3. The next guest to speak was Kurt Rhors and after him was Charlotte Golla. They are running for the Chandler School Board. We need to vote for BOTH of them to get conservatives on the school board. Here are the websites: and
  4. The next guest to speak was JD Mesnard. He is out representative in the AZ Senate. We applauded to hear he had passed legislation to lower our property taxes! There were questions and answers after his talk. His website is :
  5. Our next guests were Liz Harris and Julie Willoughby who are running for 2 open seats in the AZ State legislature . We need to vote for BOTH of them. There was Q&A after their talks. Their websites are: and
  6. The next speaker was Nathan Duell from Heritage Action. Heritage Action is the political arm of the Heritage Foundation. It is a “think tank” in Washington DC. For more information here is the link:
  7. Next Lou Ann Sedgwick spoke briefly about the flyers they had left out on the guest’s seats. The flyers were suggestions on how to vote on the upcoming ballot propositions.
  8. There were questions and answers after the guests were finished concerning the pros and cons of voting in person or by mail. If someone is registered to receive a “vote at home ballot/vote by mail” they can change their designation to “a vote in person ballot” by contacting the Be Ballot Ready branch of the County Elections Department at 602-506-1511 or email them at You can check and see that you are registered to vote at this link.
  9. The winner of the 50/50 raffle won $111.00
  10. Yard signs were made available for free.
  11. All candidates are needing contributions for their campaigns. You can make these donations on line by going to their websites .
  12. Seats were sold for the SLRC Christmas Dinner Dance. You can buy a seat at the next meeting or send a check by mail to the Secretary. If you are on our email list you have received regular notices with all the details. If you want to be added to the email list here is the link.
  13. The next SLRC meeting will be October 11th, in the same room at SLCC#1.
  14. If you want to visit our website, here is the link:

Download the minutes.

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