Meeting Minutes – November 2021

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When: Wednesday November 10, 2021 6:30-8:30PM
Where: Navajo Room of the Sun Lakes Country Club Phase One
Who: approximately 100 people


  1. SLRC Chairman Michael Tennant greeted the guests and led the attendees in the Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. First Vic e Chairman Carolyn McCorkle introduced each of the candidates.
  3. The first candidate was Don Maes who is running for the AZ State Legislature. He said he would take a stand against unconstitutional mandates Federal or otherwise.
  4. The next candidate was Kim Owens who is running for the Corporation Commission. She also is against mandates. She also is against the Government subsidizing the energy companies. She said her opponents are open to deregulating the energy companies. She says that this is a bad idea because there will be no control over how high the companies can raise their rates. Electric companies must stay under outside control to protect the consumers. She also vowed she will not “get mixed up in issues outside the pervue of the Corporation Commission”.
  5. The next candidate was Shawna Bolick. She is running for Secretary of State. She said she will be
    working for “fair and honest elections”. She presently is serving in the State Legislature.
  6. The next candidate to speak was Marc Finchem. He is running for Secretary of State. He presently is
    serving in the AZ State Legislature. He said he wants to end mail in ballots. He wants to create a ballot that cannot be replicated and therefore be “fraud-proof”. He says this is possible.
  7. Our Keynote Speaker was Art Del Cueto who is an active Border Patrol Agent and serves as a speaker for the Border Patrol Council. He is often interviewed on national TV news stations. He says we need to refer to illegal aliens as “illegal aliens”. He says that is the terminology set forth in the law. Between January 2021 and now (November2021) there have been 2 million illegal aliens entering through our southern border. Adults are slipping in as “unaccompanied minors under 18 years of age” because the border patrol has to accept whatever age they choose to tell them. They also have to take the word of the alien about his or her country of origin. If the alien is under the age of 14 they cannot be fingerprinted. Many aliens are “renting” children under 14 to get into the country then sending the children back over the border for the next “renter”. There is no way to prove that the child has already passed through because he or she cannot be fingerprinted. He said there are also record breaking amounts of fentanyl, heroin and marijuana coming across the border. The cartels push 300+ aliens over the border to overwhelm the border patrol. All those aliens have to be processed. Meanwhile, the cartels send their drugs over a different part of the border while the patrol is busy processing the aliens. This is adding more havoc to the opioid crisis here in AZ. Art Del Cueto can be heard on iHeart Radio on his show “Greenline”. the-green-line-28366316/ and the Facebook Page is These illegals are coming from 102 different countries, some of which are not friends of the US.
    He said the best thing our government can do to stem the tide of illegal aliens is to reinstate the “Stay in Mexico” policy that President Trump implemented. He says this would be even better than building the rest of the wall. But the two together would help tremendously. He reported that 5,000 illegals a week are coming through the Tucson area. He said that local sheriffs need to support the law SB 1070 which states they must support the border patrol. However there are many sheriffs refusing to help the border patrol. To add to the existing problems, because of the vaccine mandate, many patrol agents are choosing to quit or retire rather than to take the vaccine. Many are requesting medical and religious exemptions. All of this cuts down on the numbers of agents patrolling the border. He shared that Congressman Andy Biggs is the one politician who has consistently been showing up at the border and bringing other congressmen with him. He said we should be proud of Congressman Biggs and make sure he stays in office.
  8. After Art finished his Q & A time, Carolyn introduced candidate Charlotte Golla. She is running with Kurt Rohrs for the Chandler School Board. She is wanting more transparency and is against the CRT curriculum.
  9. The last candidate was Jeff Weninger who is running for State Treasurer. He says that as a businessman he sees many ways the State Treasurer’s office could be improved. Jeff had “termed out” of his position in the House of the AZ State Legislature.
  10. The 50/50 winner won $102.
  11. The Cowboy Christmas seats are going quickly. SLRC is sending out reminders regularly that the sales will end November 30th. Presently there are over 235 people planning to attend the event! If you need more information, the flyer is on the SLRC website
    and you can pay for your seats in person or by mail by contacting the SLRC Secretary PK at One of our loyal members, Gwynda Allen, has donated $210 to the club in support of the event!
  12. The next SLRC meeting will be Dec. 8th and LouAnn Sedgwick will be here explaining how you can make a difference in the 2022 election. SLRC board members,Dick & Barbara Hubbard, will also be there, too, explaining what being a Precinct Committeeman is all about and they will help interested people fill out paperwork to get appointed as a “PC”.

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