Meeting Minutes – January 2023

Sun Lakes Republican Club Minutes
Where: Sun Lakes Country Club Phase 1, Navajo Room
When: January 11, 2023 6:30 PM-8:30 PM
Who: Approximately 130 people.


Chairman Michael Tennant recognized the life & work of Sandi Bartlett who died recently of cancer.

He then read the 23rd Psalm for the Invocation.

He then led the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Carolyn McCorkle, 1st Vice Chair introduced Kurt Rohrs. Kurt shared many things about the Chandler School District.:

  • The starting salary for a teacher is $52,500.
  • The average salary for teachers is $63,500.
  • 90% of what schools get from our taxes goes to administration.
  • The board wants to install astroturf to replace grass to conserve water.
  • He discovered many books intended for the school libraries that sexualize kids and will confront the board about these.
  • He said CUSD will never go to a 4 day week, unlike districts elsewhere in the state.

Carolyn introduced Ashley Trussel of Arizona Life Coalition. She discussed the current right to life issues. There is still a 15 week limit on abortions in AZ. She encouraged the attendees to go to the state capitol and take part in the rally there on Thursday February 23, 2023 at 11 AM. She had cards to hand out with more information and a baby display showing the stages of development of a child the womb.

Carolyn introduced Tyler Bowyer next. Tyler is one of our two AZ National Committeemen. We have two: one male and one female. Tyler spoke about the last election and had suggestions as to how to fix the AZ election system to make it more difficult for cheating. He told us what the republican party of AZ needs to do to start winning elections. He took many questions at the end of his talk. He believes the 2024 election will determine the course for our country and that each voter needs to get involved to get strong, trustworthy, conservative Republicans elected. There still needs to be 270 to win the electoral College (President). The states which will be most in play will be: Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. We need all 4 states to vote republican in order to preserve the democratic republic that we have now. Otherwise the move towards socialism/marxism will be hard to turn around.

The 50/50 raffle winner was Pat Melia, who won $53.

In February the main speaker will be Keith DeGreen speaking on the state of our economy. AZ Senator JD Mesnard will also give an update of what is going on at the AZ State legislature. Jeff Weninger will also be speaking.

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